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What makes us Different?

Securicor Integrated Pvt Ltd are having some unique business approaches that make us different from others competitors.

We have developed a comprehensive range of services that are delivered through our unique security consultancy process which ensures high quality outcomes and happy clients. We are different from our competitors in many ways but here are six reasons why selecting SIPL will always be a good decision.


The SIPL ethos is all about delivering the highest quality service we possibly can. It is testament to our unique delivery process as well as a highly focused and dedicated team that our clients can experience a 5 Star service across all areas of our business, throughout every engagement.


Our Self-Determination is vital part of our business portfolio. The goal is to very clear to deliver our clients objectives as broadly as we can.


We focus in Safety and Security Consultancy, it’s all that we do. Our dedicated team of professionals are on hand and ready to support you wherever you are and on whatever you want.


There are many aspects of security and there are many small companies that can deliver in one or two of these niche areas. SIPL amongst the very few organisations in the region that can offer expertise, experience and a delivery process which covers the full range of Safety and Security consultancy requirements.

Client Focused

For us client relationships matter more than our business since we understand that without our clients’ satisfaction no other agenda will work. We are keen to ensure that our Consultants desire to delight our clients everything we do.


Our clients recognize that above all we deliver value for their investment. Our ability to find creative solutions to some of the toughest challenges, work with stakeholder teams and understand the cultural context of key decisions or offering advice and support whilst we’re delivering other projects.


With the expertise and extensive experience we bring to the table, we at Securicor Integrated Pvt. Ltd. hope to keep helping businesses stay abreast, safe and secure with our highly confident recommendations and world class solutions. At Securicor Integrated, we have and desire to build a reputation through hard work, professional analysis, reliable, durable, fit for the purpose products and great services in the field of Safety and Security theoretical and technological solutions. Our foremost priority has always been complete dedication to quality & excellence. We stay committed to this priority through our dedicated teams of professionals.

Delivering State of the Art Solutions

At Securicor Integrated Pvt Ltd, Customer satisfaction is the top most priority and its rooted in everything we do. The development we focused is unique in part of the world we operate thus excellence in every stage is must consequently the standards we keep must be outstanding.

Contribute to enhance clients’ business growth

There are many reasons for clients to choose us as an independent consultant which alternatively will boost their current business portfolio and apart from saving money, we will make them able to earn more with value.

Independent Safety and Security Consultants

We are completely independent of any product manufacturer, system installer or other type of industry related Company. We provide recommendation and extend help to provide through legal channels all lasts and robust equipment, help to install products or provide commissioning services through our legal partners.

Enhance Corporate Image and overcome obstacles

Securicor Integrated Pvt Ltd understand the threats of any client may face due to their current infrastructural, geographic and financial constraints. We identify all such scenarios and provide innovative concepts to control with integrated mechanisms that alternatively improve corporate image and result in saving human lives.